Materials Needed: 1′ of plastic, Sheet #4, Measuring Tape, Gorilla Tape, Scissors, Marker, Velcro

Create a “T” line for doorway:
  • Measure and mark the center of the sheet (about 4’). 
  • Place 4’ of tape across the bottom. Smooth out all air bubbles.
Measure and mark 4’ from the bottom toward the middle of the sheet (towards the fan).
  • Place 4’ of tape on this line parallel to the bottom piece you just added 
Place 4’ of tape centered perpendicular to tape from a and b steps. Smooth out all air bubbles.
Flip the #4  plastic square over.
Take one of your 1′ plastic sheets: Cut 1.5’ of tape and place the sheet vertically over the “T” you just taped. 
  • It should be centred over the “T”.
  • Tape the top end horizontally to match the “T” creating a door flap.
Cut four 3” strips of velcro.
  • On the door flap:
    • Place all four strips about 1′ from both the top and bottom of the “T” and on both the left/right sides.
  • Attach the other side of the velcro to the plastic sheet square.
Flip the plastic back over and place on top of the three other squares.

Bubble Assistants: Seth Blume, Heather Wooldridge, Armando Minjarez, Ellie Keppy, and Arietta Austin