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TIME LENGTH: 3-4 hours
  • Mask


    Sharp Scissors

    Microfiber Cloth


    Painters Tape

    Inflating the Bubble: Tarp, Exacto Knife, Extension Cord, Power Strip, LED Lights, Snacks

  • *Note: WSU Students will be using the EXO5 Heavy Duty Small Air Circulator donated by Vornado. The first bubble was created using a box fan. View the guides for attaching the “Fan + Valve” below.


Our team built the bubble in the garage: We moved out the cars, swept the floor, and acquired all the materials in the Bubble Kit.

Size of Bubbles

Kylie’s crew has built all sorts of sizes of bubbles with various plastic thickness and tape strength. Out of a roll of 8 feet x 100 feet of plastic you can make two bubbles. Just as a note, you will need extra tape.

Why the 6 mil plastic? *Limited Availability?

We have tried using 2 mil, 3 mil, and 4 mil plastic but due to the weather and wind in the Midwest, they have never seemed to hold up after one major use.

Reinforced 6 mil clear plastic sheeting found to be the most durable yet lightweight enough to hold the shape but MULTIBUBBLE has always been a place of inspiration. So we want you to design and illuminate your bubble however necessary.

We understand that supplies can be limited — Try Ace Hardware and 4 mil 

Can I use a different tape than this?

If you can deal with the potential of this taking some skin cells off, this is the best tape we have found to use. We have tried types like grey duct tape, clear packaging, and t-rex tape…and none can compare to this heavy duty white gorilla tape. About 45-50 yards of this can create your 8’x8′ bubble.

Windex + Microfiber Cloth

this is after you cut your pieces out

This plastic has a bit of a dusty film and sometimes your tape won’t attach.
Try to wipe down the edges of your plastic with some windex and a microfiber cloth and reattach your tape.

Fan Types & Usage

The kit on this website utilizes the donated fan from Vornado for the use of this project for WSU students.

You can use a box fan up to anything similar in weight and power.
The creation of the plastic valve and fan attachment will be needed to modify your equipment.

Bubble Assistants: Seth Blume, Heather Wooldridge, Armando Minjarez, Ellie Keppy, and Arietta Austin