Materials Needed: Sheet #2, Measuring Tape, Scissors, Marker, Gorilla Tape

Roll out 1 ft of plastic for the air valve.
Cut entire 1 ft x 8 ft piece into two 1 ft x 4 ft pieces.

Lay one aside for the door flap

Measure and mark the center of the Sheet #2 ( at about 4’).
Center the fan on the center mark and trace around it.

Put fan aside.

Lift up Sheet #2 and cut out just the fan hole.

Be sure to not cut the first sheet underneath.

Pinch the center of the fan hole and snip out towards the traced line.
Unfold and stack the remaining two Sheets #3 + #4 on top of the other sheets

Bubble Assistants: Seth Blume, Heather Wooldridge, Armando Minjarez, Ellie Keppy, and Arietta Austin